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Saint Cipriano Prayer To Return Lost Lover

San Cypriano Prayer for love


When people hear about Saint Cipriano in the magical world, they always get surprised at how a powerful Christian is associated with magic. However, Saint Cipriano was initially a wizard who converted to Christianity due to Justina a Christian woman. Saint Cipriano sent a demon to abduct Justina, but she repelled the demon by making the sign of the cross. And this scenario made Cyprian move so much, and he became a Christian.

Saint Ciprano remained the Saint of the witches since he favored Magicians, traditional, occultists, rootworkers, and spiritual practitioners. There is nothing that Saint Cipriano can’t do. Just as he protects spiritual practitioners, he can also protect you from them. Saint Cipriano is very powerful and can be summoned to find missing items or people. However, in this article, I have included the important prayers you can invoke Saint Cipriano to come to your rescue.

Saint Cipriano prayer for lost love to come back

“Saint Cipriano through you, I summon (Say your ex’s name)…. Now come back. Come to me crawling with full of love. Have a strong desire to return and ask forgiveness. Saint Cipriano take away any woman or man from him or her so that he or she  only looks and thinks about me at all times”

Prayer to declare your true love(Woman)

Today and now, I desire him to be besides me, I’m sure as the perfect woman of his life. I am the one who can not live without my true love. I will always have my picture in his thoughts at all times. Please, Saint Cipriano through you, I declare and seek your rescue.

How to get your love back by prayer

Now where he is and with whomever, he is with. He will seek me because he is thinking of me. He will dream of me every time gets he meets me back. Love get him depressed to think of me in all moments of his life and only think me. Let him want to see me, smell me,  want to touch me with love. To kiss me, love me 24 hours of all day long. Saint Cipriano make my wish for real for me. I have never felt like this with for any other person. Please come to my assistance.

Saint Cipriano prayer by a woman for her lost lover

Saint Cipriano please, through my prayer packed with love and devotion to you. Let me have the enormous powers that he completely abandons once any woman who may be inside his head or heart and come back to me affirming the love.

San Cipriano make him only think me. Let him do all things possible to find me. Make him a strong desire to be by my side forever. So that I am his only woman, and I am perfect for him.

How to invoke saint Cipriano to come to your rescue

If you have anything that stresses you, I urge you to summon Saint Cipriano through prayer. Don’t undermine the prayer through Saint Ciprian, It has helped many people. If you have ever used it and got positive results, give testimony we shall keep your privacy. And if you summoned but noticed nothing, you might have prayed with illusion thoughts. If you also doubt your self, seek my assistance. I am a one great spells caster with enormous powers that a prayer with me will be answered. The results are guaranteed.

Patron saint of soulmates

If today or tomorrow you are still looking for your soul mate, Saint Cipriano is the actual patron saint of soulmates. Dedicate your day and time to summon a prayer in his name that he can come to your rescue.

The Love Prayer- St. Helena

You need to get 17 candles. Set the 9 candle to light. Set another 8 in a circle to light and then face the 9. Burn some incense too if you have, and this is for great tranquility. Say the following prayer to St. Helena for love.

“St. Helena, I ask you to grant me love. I seek help with deep sincerity and devotion. Send my way in equal measure the love I send others’ way. I offer my heart and soul to you to bless with abundance of love for eternity. I’m occupied abundantly with love because of you. May I be loved like I love, so mote it be.”

When you are done with this prayer, contemplate for another Five minutes calling for yourself the name of the lover or the person you want in your life. Then blow out the candles or allow them to burn down completely.

The powers of Saint Cyprian are so enormous that when summoned you get phenomenal results. On the other side, the only way you will attain the tremendous positive guaranteed results is through the help of a spell caster with the vast knowledge about the Saint Cyprian prayers.


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