Spells to bring back lover, how to bring bring back lost love, 24hrs bring back loverRemoving your ex-love off your mind is simpler in words than doing it. In life, there are some people we get to love so much but when they leave, we feel like it is the end of us. You even strive to look for the solution but when you can’t tress what exactly to do. Thus, HOW TO BRING BACK YOUR LOST LOVER IN 24 HOURS. If you have any problem related to the above statements, so sorry! I understand the pain you are going through. This is a common problem that many are people facing. However, the purpose of this article is to bring good news. Here is a solution; a magical solution that can wipe off your tears. The Bring Back Lost Lover Spells. These spells are energies that correlate with the powers of the universe. Let me hope you are aware of how powerful this universe is.

Never get stranded in a certain situation when there are people who have powers, and they can use the powers of the universe to make you attain what you want. As a witch, I believe in witchcraft, spells, voodoo, Wicca, black or white magic, and all other related, that through them you can get back your ex in less than 3days or 24hours thus it depends on what problem and method you use.

Bring back lost lover spells

This article has specifically been written to show you how effective, the bring back lost love spells work. When you see the word bring back lost lover; it does not mean that these spells do only that. These spells work basing on your intentions. Because you may not need to bring back your lost lover but you may need to take him or her off your mind.

The Bring back lost lover spells can also work like the divorce spells that they can help you break a divorce being planned or that already happened. So I urge you to recognize this spell, indeed it can help you solve most of your love problems.

I have included here the bring back lost love spells you can perform on your own at home. If you read anything that you don’t understand, I advise you to contact me that I can help explain to you at no cost.

Bring back lost lover in 24 hours

The patience or waiting span of a person has reduced as the world goes on. Today, most people need quick services. However, I advise you to try train yourself to be a patient person. The reason is; although we have tools that quicken our activities, we may find some others too slow and the solution will be to wait.

It is true there are spells that can help bring back lost lover in 24 hours but they work at a certain instance. Don’t be lied that you can bring back a lover who was also put under a spell within 24 hours. No! If think so, how will you have completed all the rituals? Here, the maximum days would be 2 to 5 days.

However, if the lost lover is not under any witchcraft, then enough preparation or being organized with all the requirements can make you get your lost lover within 24hrs

Bring back lost lover spell free

As I explained in this article, I have written for you free spells (easy African spells), you can perform on your own at home. They are real and effective just like those done by practitioners. You just need to follow the wright guidelines and procedures.

How to get back lost lover

Below are some of the spells you can practice on your own at home.

This includes; Voodoo, Candles and other witchcraft that involve blood (not to be discussed here)

Voodoo spells to bring back lost love

The main aim of using voodoo magic is; Voodoo absorbs the positive energies sent out from the universe for the purpose of adding more attraction and love for you in the heart and eyes of your ex.

This spell results into a permanent solution that once cast; the lover never wishes to leave you again.

Voodoo spell is very strong that it works in less than 24 hours depending on the problem being solved.

In case you want to learn more about voodoo read the Voodoo books for beginners

Candle spells to bring back lover

This is another ritual that works fast. It involves the use of candles. The candles are used because they symbolize light in the darkness of life. Meaning, if you are in worries, problems or any struggling life, the candle energies are complements to other energies of the universe to make you out of such a life.

According to witchcraft, lighting up a candle can remove your negativity away and draw all the good things (love, fortune, etc.) ahead towards your future.

How Selecting the Appropriate Candle Color

Reunite spells with family, Connect with lover, Candle spells to bring back loverIt is key to choose the ultimate color for a specific magic spell. Color of candle plays a vital role in the outcome of a spell.

Pink candles represent emotional side of love. White candle represents pure energy. Red candle is however, the best in reigniting love or bring back love.

There are so many candle spells one can perform. Once you get familiar with the basics involved in candle magic, you can easily customize a spell to your needs.

Casting the candle spells

Before Casting your bring back love Spell. You must first set your mind and organize space where you will perform your spell.

  1. Create a circle of protection. You may draw it using salt encircling the area where you will perform.
  2. Relax and hold the red candle between your hands and visualize as much detail as you can about reuniting with your lost love.
  3. Now get ready to cast your spell. Continue to hold only positive thoughts in your mind and love in your heart.
  4. Anoint the candle with oil or virgin olive oil that is common. Use your fingers to draw the oil from top of the middle.
  5. Work your way around the candle, always pulling the oil from the top to the middle, never from the middle to the top. Now pull the oil until the entire candle is anointed with the oil.
  6. Place the candle in its holder. Speak a small personal incantation and light the candle.
  7. Focus all your intentions on your desire (What you focus on determines if you are bringing something to you or sending it away from you) and watch the candle burn for a period of time. Allow the candle to self-extinguish. Again, say out a concluding incantation


You need to be patient, but if you cast this spell with the right procedures, believe me; you will get your lover back. However, you may need quick results with the help of a practitioner or an experienced witch doctor; here you can contact me that I can assist you bring back your lost lover within the shortest time possible. Thank you


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