How & Why To Revenge


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Revenge spells. This was to be something anyone would not think about. Revenge is intended to do harm in return of someone you suffered in his or her hands. It may turn to be endless as it may be followed by the victim parties from years to years. If you decide to revenge, it may not only affect you, but your family too and the people around you.

Revenge can only and only be done to that person who was wronged or hurt you and never does he or she cares or not sorry until now. If that person who made you harm still takes you as an enemy or inferior, he or she is most likely to hurt you again. He or she shows you that he or she is superior over you, here, I advise you to seek revenge. And please revenge only to save a life.

For those people who hurt you and seek for your forgiveness, please I recommend you to forgive them as it was said in the bible to forgive 7,777 times, but you will need protection as any normal person would.

Why should someone revenge or use Revenge spells

As from above, revenge should be looked at keenly. If you think about revenge then, you have to think and analyze issues thoroughly to help you make a right decision. Your decision should be very important in favor of the future of your life and your people, otherwise, you may bring problems for you and your family.

If you decide to revenge, consider the tool or method for revenging. If you select wrongly expect catastrophe thus Revenge spells.

Revenge should and should only be made by people who were hurt and expect those who hurt them do it again.

If your life is actually in danger that your enemies reach the extent of killing you, I advise you to do the revenge.

If you were wronged and you’re not about to wait for karma to kick in, proper revenge can get you the justice you deserve. But how do you do that act of revenge?

I do advise whoever feels like revenging to keep in mind that only witchcraft, spells can do revenge thoroughly as you may wish without any backfire nor side effect.

Advice to revenge seekersRevenge spells, how to revenge, how to get revenge, death spells, black magic spell casting, enemy spells, how to ruin someone’s life, witchcraft revenge spells, in USA, Australia, Singapore, Canada

Seeking revenge may not cancel out the behaviors that hurt you. It just perpetuates the cycle of pain. Almost everyone ever wanted to exert a revenge on something at one point or another in life; Yes it is a normal reaction when one gets wronged.

You all want those enemies to pay for what they have done to you. As that all sounds great, but you do not know how to take this action.

You may also not want to take part in this type of behavior, because if you do the revenge may instead destroy you as you may not expect it.

So Instead of focusing on revenge, it is much more beneficial to try to make peace with the matter. The only way to stop revenge is to give up and accept it. Substitute the negative or evil feelings with the opposite thinking. This is the only way you can rise above it and let it be.

However! However, if problems persist seek for ways either by revenging or protection, and only witchcraft can do that for you safely.

Why We Should Leave Revenge To witchcraft, spells and Karma

Witchcraft and spells

Revenge spells thus Witchcraft spells are usually used to stop or remove something from going harming. Historically witches were thought to be used for negativity or evil purposes only. But people have come to understand that witchcraft is a good tool that is used to promote peace among people. Many have embraced it for healing solutions and protection against the immorality they are accused of.

Witchcraft spells are very powerful that they can make anyone out of any bad situation. Witchcraft is a tool that can fight for you even when you are dizzy or sleeping. Below are more of the reasons why one should use witchcraft spells for revenge;

  • There is no solid evidence that will show anyone that you have used witchcraft
  • Witchcraft spells are real, and they work no matter your belief or location. A Pope In 1484, “Pope Innocent VIII” Once Confirmed that Witches Exist. The Catholic Church saw witchcraft as a threat to all of its followers
  • Witches can move, fly, and crawl. It can do anything to reach something or someone just at the blink of an eye. Witchcraft is very fast
  • So for revenge, anyone is advised to use witchcraft spells other than involving him or herself physically that may result into digging his or her own grave.


As it is always said. What goes around, most definitely will come back around. Yes, it is true Karma works because what someone might have caused on you will also be reversed to them with time. Patience is a virtue in this situation, sit back and let Karma go to work. The best part is that when it eventually comes back to haunt the other person, you have no part in it and you will have a clean conscience thus Revenge spells.