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How do you understand success? I know you have your own view, but believe me, it may not be the same as for other fellows. For instance, if you ask me how I understand success, I will tell you, it is when my ancestral spirits are pleased with me and the people I head. Also when every patient I help attains his or her intention in the shortest time as possible, thus that’s my success.

Others will tell you that success is about having cars, houses or winning awards. So everyone will tell you his or her own perception and they will be different. However, success is a permanent satisfaction of needs in life. If you get most of your needs in life, there is no way anyone can doubt or whisper negatively about your success.

Success comes as a result of Luck. You can never attain success without luck. Luck can also be described as a blessing. One thing you have to know is that each and everyone in this world has his or her own luck. There is no human being without luck. And please Note! No one will ever give you luck in this world, and I repeat NOT any spiritual healer! The luck you were born or created with is enough for you to attain what belongs to you.

The only reason why you may be failing to attain what you wish is; your luck or opportunities are blocked by negative energies. You try to use any opportunity to get something but your luck is blocked, that is; the opportunity cannot access your luck. So this is the reason why you need unusual or supernatural powers to fight away the blockages or dark clouds and open up a way for your opportunity to access your Luck. Hence, success and prosperity are supported by Luck.

How to improve your Luck

If this is your question or request or what you think, then stop thinking that way. There is no way you can improve your luck. Just know that you already have Luck that you were born with. God can never be a hypocrite on His creature to provide it with less or fair luck. No! Never can you also provide less to your own child. So the Luck you have is enough to attain what belongs to you but it is just blocked from opportunities. Let me hope you understand the difference between Luck and opportunity. Success Spells

This is how you can understand how Luck works; “What supports luck is a habit of watching for opportunities, of having a patient, but restless mind, of sacrificing one’s ease or vanity, of uniting a love of detail to foresight, and of passing through hard times bravely and cheerfully.”

Your luck is enough but you need to eliminate the blockages, the negative of energies, the dark clouds, the bad karma in you that every opportunity you see or get, is utilized successfully.

So if you notice that the opportunities you see go to only other people. You don’t get any success, whatever you do fails, then you should seek ways to check what nose-dives you.

Success Spells (Prosperity Rituals)

How to attract success

Have you ever thought that some things happen for a reason? And you seem that some people are luckier than others or they have more chances? You should know that these happenings are true but not in that view. It has been noticed that successful people do things more differently than others. Successful people have luck and they are lucky. They get things done. Have clear visions that attract the right things, they focus on what they want; They don’t waste time, and are proactive.

The unsuccessful people have luck but they are not lucky. They don’t utilize any opportunity. When they try, they fail. They focus on only trials. To get something, they must strive so hard. If such coincidences are happening on you, rituals can help you to achieve your goals, get those breaks of the successful people, and be one of the ‘lucky’ ones.

Some people say that success often depends on fortuitous or by chance. Please think clearly! Could this be true? but what is that chance on which success depends? Chances are here for everyone!

The question is; how do you get a chance? Remember; God the over of our ancestors doesn’t play dice. The ancestral spirits don’t do things on probabilities. So don’t bring chance in success but use luck for success.

The power achieved from the Luck rituals or spells can open doors, that you think you would never open alone. We can support you with our rituals, so that you don’t just work hard, but achieve what you work for.

Rituals of Success and money

Success Spells: You don’t need to be a gifted psychic to do these rituals. These are spells and rituals you can practice on your own, but following the right guidelines and procedures. Rituals or spells for money and success will help you be lucky to get money. You may decide to them on your own or seek the help of spiritual healers “Okello”. Below is how they go;

Call for money: “Money Ritual Spells 1 or Success Spells”


  • Full moon
  • Bowl
  • Water
  • Silver coin or money coin


On the night of the full moon, fill the bowl with water, and then put a silver coin in it. Stand by the window so that the moonlight falls on the water. Hold your bowl with your left hand, and gently circle it with the right in a clockwise direction while saying this spell: “Beautiful goddess of the moon, bring me my wealth and fill my arms with silver and gold. Everything you give me, my wallet can receive. “Repeat the words three times and then spill the water on the ground. Return the coin to your wallet and spend it inclusively on the first expense you make, so the energy of money starts to flow. This money ritual will work for beginners; it’s easy and doesn’t need any special ingredients. thus Success Spells

Quick working spell: “Ritual Money Spells 2 or Success Spells:”

Here is another money spell for beginners and without specific ingredients, except few requirements; a green candle, paper, pen, thread, and a coin.

Write down on paper what you would like to do with the money. For example, you will use this spell to live in luxury, to fulfill all your needs, or marry your lover and etc. Roll the paper up and tie it with a thread. Light a green candle and place a coin and the wrapped paper next to it.

Focus on what you want to attain, Speak out quietly all you need. When the candle burns out, keep the paper with you always and place the coin between your clothes in the closet. Remove the residue from the candle, but do not throw them. Put them in a bag and leave them in a drawer or on the shelf and forget about it. Money vibes will pass through your environment and the spell will work soon.