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Dedicated to maintain our Teso tribe reputation.

NOTE: Doctor Okello the leader of Teso tribe, the Witchdoctor, and spells caster leads in restoring the happiness into your life. Get your Ex back, eliminate infidelity from your relationship, change the situation from that one ruining your life, and among other related issues. Reach me out through my contacts on any issue that tries to disorganize your life, I will be here to read your problem at a free or zero price and inform you on whether I can solve your problem.

Bring back Lover

We have manifested spells that have the capacity to find the consciousness of your targeted ex and influence them to fall in love with you again. These powers work with the aim to reconnect your two souls together. Whether your ex is in another relationship or no longer wants to hear about you, please contact me, you will thank me later.

return to sender spell, spells to return black magic

Make them love you more

Boost your relationship. These powers work hand in hand with attraction spells. That means, to make someone love you more, you must have another thing that attracts them at all instances. So it’s all about our powers, our witchcraft to manifest all that.

Put roots on someone, bring back love, money and love rituals

Make your partner committed

Whether in love or marriage, make your partner committed. They will never loiter to other relationships. They will also become faithful and loyal to your relationships. Never to see cheating or infidelity. Believe me, we shall be able to help you once you contact us, become one of those we have helped. Thank you.

Solution to your love issues; want to get back lover? Or need to strengthen your relationship. Want to stop a cheating Partner?Or eliminate a third person from your relationship? What exactly do you want to solve? Is it about a court case? However, here are the powerful unstoppable impeccable spells that will bring back happiness into your life by making your wishes come true. Our Spells and services are based on a unique blend of Teso cultural rituals and techniques. Once we work on you, expect real and guaranteed results. Our Spiritual powers have an impeccable capacity to influence the consciousness of the targeted human being. We practice true and authentic rituals, and it’s only here that you will find the true services of Doctor Okello. Doctor Okello has related Teso services to different cultures and traditions as away to remain at the top in providing 100%true results. Teso Spells, witchcraft and rituals work and have been proven by different people as you will learn them when you continue reading this website.

Who Am I

Folks know me as Okello. Okello means a spiritual or traditional leader of the clan in Teso culture Malaba. Teso is a tribe found in both Uganda and Kenya, Africa. My real names are “Ochakolongh Toto” meaning Young Ocha that was given to me by my Father “Ocha”. I succeeded my father as a traditional leader of Tengo clan in 1986 when I was 16 years old. In Teso culture, a traditional leader is not affiliated with any politics but is in charge of the ancestral spirits, norms and rituals of the clan. No person is in charge of choosing who should be the spiritual leader, but the ancestral spirits take that responsibility.

Love & Marriage

The spells have been manifested to influence the minds and consciousness of the targeted person. You are assured of solving your love problem with Doctor Okello.


Get rid of negative energies. Remove black magic from your relationship, business, career, or personal life. Cleanse your body to a new and normal life.

Requesting For A service

Request our ritual services by contacting Doctor Okello on Email or WhatsApp. Prior to your request, Doctor Okello will take the responsibility to check and understand the root of the problem. The details after checking will be availed to you by Doctor Okello him self, then the spell casting or ritual practicing starts after you have confirmed your wishes with Doctor Okello. Thank you

Our Research & Experience

We realized that there is nothing that does not need research, Since the world is changing at a very high speed. Our research shows that the problems that relationships faced in the past are still the same and they may never change, but the root causes of those problems are the ones that have changed. The things that are causing problems into relationships today are now different from the past. Only the wise will understand this!!

“For more details, contact me on WhatsApp or email, since I may not be able to write everything here. And we are well aware that the reading span of a humanbeing has reduced.” ContactNow

Doctor Okello

Head of Ritual and spell casting practices

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Powers of the Universe

Our spells and witchcraft work hand in hand with the powers of the universe. The powers of the universe are natural and have the capacity to reach anywhere. So that combination makes our work so wonderful, with the provision of guaranteed results.

Female and Male names

About Voodoo, Magic, and Witchcraft Spells

All these practices voodoo, witchcraft, wiccan, magic, do the same things, but the difference is just in the way the caster performs them. You will find that voodoo spells to bring back lover and Magic love spells to bring back lover all will bring back your lost lover but they are performed in different formats or ways or will require different requirements.

Magic Spells

This includes Black magic and while magic. These are very quick and powerful and they are used on very strong and sensitive cases.

Witchcraft spells

Witchcraft is very common in Africa. Almost every one needs to perform it. It helps to satisfy a desire. Our witchcraft work impeccably.

Voodoo Spells

This is always combined with black magic to work without fail. Those with court cases are always helped with voodoo spells.

Wiccan Spells

Wicca work exactly like voodoo. There is no difference. The difference is the naming. So here we have all spells you may need.

What People Say About doctor Okello

We keep your privacy, however below are the reviews and testimonies by people who have benefited from my services. Remember that once I decide to work on, expect guaranteed results.

“Thank you for your help but most of all, your honesty. Again, thank you for everything & the peace you have brought to me”
Reyansh Warjas
“John is totally in love with me. He said that he would rather be by me than with anyone else. He told me that he thinks of me, cries, & fantasizes about me every day. Today we made love for the first time in months. Thank you Okello. He wants us to be together & is willing to do whatever it takes for that to happen.”
Christiana J
“I think your reverse curse spell finally brought me to a basic place. Thank you. I could not have found it on my own. That is what makes your work so very important. I’m also very grateful for your help. For all that you do for me and the other people you help, thank you!.”
Jeem B Alonso
No photo#my Privacy Matters, “Hi! You cast a Retrieve A Lover Spell for me back in February. And I’d like to thank you for it. My ex and I have been back together for a month now. And it’s been even better than before. We’ve been talking of moving in together, and maybe getting married in the future. Things between us are great. I thank you for helping to bring him back to me. After our time apart, we’ve learned to appreciate each other more, and not take anything for granted.”


Kumi, Uganda, Bebere



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Terms of service

Our services are provided to you once you make your request and get appointment with Doctor Okello. Take note that those below the age of 22years shall not be worked on.