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Putting someone’s name in your shoe

Putting someone’s name in your shoe: To put someone in your shoe means to make them abide by what you want. It might not be a good idea to do it but if you are to put someone in your shoe, you must have a clear and important reason. You may put that person who seems to be stubborn to you. That person who disagrees with your opinions all the time. In this world, if you don’t seek what you want, no one will seek it for you. So if you don’t stand for yourself and show people that you are of value, in fact, they will not respect you. So here is the ritual that can manifest someone to respect and abide by what you want.

Put your love in your shoe

This is a common thing done by most married partners. The people who love this most are Nigerians. In fact, It was a Nigerian who I first helped to put her lover in her shoes. The Lady claimed that her husband was a player and could over brag or boost on her. And she felt that he was nagging her. So she came to me for help perhaps she succeeded to put her man in her shoes. Since then, this is one of the common rituals that both men and women request. Yes, put him or her in your shoe. You will never see him or her do things without your consent. Thus Write name on paper put in shoe

The benefit of putting someone in your shoe

To put someone in a shoe will help you have control over that person. It Will help you have control over your lover and he or she will never disagree with you. This ritual can also help you gain respect from a specific person who might have been undermining you. Putting someone’s name in your shoe is important, with various benefits. However, don’t hesitate to reach me out wherever you are. I am here seated watching the world.

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