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Jealousy is perhaps one of the most powerful non-magical forces in the world. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It is part of nature to feel jealous at any time.

Jealousy becomes a problem when one acts out in it. Jealousy starts to consume and creep into every aspect of your life.

We tend to feel Jealous about others’ successes, lifestyles, and relationship. Jealousy is most common in romantic relationships.

In relationships, insecurity often underlies jealousy. Jealousy is not a sign of love as some people say; it is a sign of insecurity and seeing your partner as being possessed by someone or something.

With magick or African witchcraft, Jealousy can be controlled, increased, or made to vanish.

Jealousy spells

The Jealousy Magick is custom-made to be a hundred times more powerful than the non-magical powers of jealousy themselves. You can decide to control, increase, or banish yours or someone’s jealousy mood with these magical spells.

Jealousy spell can make someone or a person in question become jealous of you. For instance, if you don’t trust in your partner and you see signs of them cheating on you, you can cast these jealousy spells to make them feel much love for you and begin to be jealousy of you.

Also, you may use these spells for what you wish, either remove jealousy from your relationship completely or have it. Sometimes it depends on the situation of your love.

Below are some of the jealousy spells you can perform on at a free cost

How to cast a spell to get rid of jealousy



Procedures: Settle in a place you feel most comfortable in, you can stand or sit. Write on paper the memories you have with him/her.

Get the lighter and burn the paper while whispering the words below;

“Go away you silly memories, Remove my discomfort, if you do not I’ll pass away within, Simply to eliminate this jealousy, Let me carry on, While he/she mores than happy, I have a possibility to be delighted once again, As this burns, Let my happiness return, I do not have to pass away within. Thank you!”

Shout “thank you” and burn what’s left of it then drop it in the water. Thus you will feel a deep relief in your heart and you will get rid of any Jealousy within you.

Spells To Banish Jealousy


A candle of your favorite color and another candle of white color, A small knife, Cinnamon incense sticks, 2 tablespoons Cinnamon, 1 Hyssop (to wash away negativity)

You should practice this spell during the dark moon and this time should be concerned as an ingredient. But I have not said that you should be out, no. You be in your room.


This Spell is to Banish Jealousy.


Draw a large magic circle in the room up to your door of exit. Start in the east, walk around the room clockwise with a cinnamon incense stick in your right hand. Imagine or visualize a beautiful Forrest surrounding your home.

  • Enter into the circle. Write your name with a knife on the candle you chose(Not the white one).
  • Write also the name of the jealous person if you know one on the white candle.
  • Anoint your candle(Not the white one) with the Cinnamon. Light it, whispering these words: “It is my will to banish jealousy from my life.”
  • Now anoint the white candle with the same Cinnamon and say this; “This candle represents a jealous person who will trouble me, I need no more trouble”
  • Take the white candle and Light it. Move towards the door but within the circle you drew, saying this; “I banish envy out of the door. May your spirit grow past petty spite, to fill your soul with love and light.”
  • Allow the candle to burn down to the wick.
  • Imagine a green ribbon and tie a knot Binding your spell(by moving your finger around candle imagining you are tying something) saying this: “I call on the Earth to bind this spell. The Air to speed its travel well. The Fire to bring the spirit from above, And the Water to fill this spell with the purity of love. This spell bound around shall be, to cause no harm nor return on my loved ones and me. As I do will it, So Mote It Be.”
  • Thank the elements, saying this: “Earth, Fire, Water, Lightning Air, Leave this circle to my care. Go with my thanks and with my love, From the powers of Heaven high above.”

Now walk around the room anticlockwise with a cinnamon  incense stick, seeing the green circle of flames fading away. And so you are done.

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