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Keep in mind that not every simple spell you cast will work. The effectiveness of the spells depends on how carefully you follow the right procedures. And how you portray your focus on your intentions.

So if you are curious to know about the free simple spells online, there are tons of them from various websites. However, I recommend you to try mine I have written for you here because they have been tried and proved.

If you here about the word spells, you must have in mind that you will hear about witchcraft, witch doctor, witches, voodoo, Wiccan, black or white magic and among other related rituals. So here in this article, all the rituals are witchery related.

Free spells for love

This simple love spell can be used if you are interested in someone to love you or want to get more attention from your current partner.

Don’t be afraid to try it, many people have used it, and they wrote to me testifying how they received the positive results they wanted.

This is one of free love spells that work instantly without ingredients.

Requirement: You need a small mirror and photos of you and him/her.


Place the mirror on the table and place the photo of the person you love facing the mirror. Then, write these words on the back of your photo: “With these words I now declare. With every reflection you see, the person in your mind is only me. This is my only wish, so mote it be!”

Put your photo on the other side of the mirror and hold it close to your heart while chanting the same given words.

You can repeat this spells for up to five days. The results are most probably to show up immediately or within 1 to 5 days.

Free Love spells to win back a lost love

free printable Halloween spells, free enchantment spells, free spells modern, free destruction spells, free spells Skyrim, free spells to win scratch offs, free spells work, free spells free, free love spells that work fast, free love spells that work in minutes without ingredients,If your truly loved one left you but now, you feel you want them back to your life. Here are simple free love spells you can cast by yourself to regain the heart of your ex.

Make sure you have no thought of harassing them; in addition, focus your energy on something positive instead of crying or thinking about the departure over again.

Requirements: Get a jar of honey, red ribbons, a red cloth, a pen, and paper.


Write your name and for your ex-lover on the paper and then fold it making two names face the other. Roll it in a tube form and tie it with the ribbon.

Drop three tablespoons of in the whole tube and cover it completely using the red cloth.

Summon these words as you are holding the tubed paper filled with honey, “With these words, I now call you………….(name of your ex) back to my life. I summon the energies of the universe mixed in my honey to reconnect our hearts that we can miss each other and meet again. Include when you want to meet her/him, what you want for her/him and end by saying so mote it be!

Do this ritual for up to 5days. Expect results immediately or within 1 to 5 days, however, for anything you can’t understand, contact me, I explain to you freely.

Who can cast free spells?

Anyone can cast a magic spell, although it doesn’t mean that whoever casts it works. If you need assistance and you are trying to learn witchcraft spells, don’t waste your time on rituals that are not working or backfiring.

Luckily, there are many real powerful spell casters out there and if you follow some basic rules, you can get a powerful spell cast for you today – even for free.

How to choose a spell caster who will help you?

Try to follow these basics that you can know which authentic spell caster to help you today;

  • Take the time to read your spell caster’s bio to make sure they have the skills you need.
  • Always choose a caster that offers a money-back guarantee.
  • Read the content of the website whether it does not contradict each other.
  • Try spell casters who try to give you time and explain to you how things are done. Most of the fake spell casters are money-minded, they can never be patient for your many questions, instead, they will be harsh at you
  • Be sure to try out the free offers! Most reputable sites offer them for your first session!

NB: 1

However, the content of this website is mine and my own writing based on the experience I have in the field of spell casting, traditional and cultural healing. In addition I have an IT specialist who technically manages its running.


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This is our field and we have experience in it. Let some things be done for you, perhaps the people like us are gifted with supernatural powers that we influence to change situations. So contact me now.

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