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Our services are based on a unique blend of Teso cultural rituals and techniques. We have related them to different cultures and traditions. Teso rituals are not satanic. We practice them with the guidance of ancestral spirits. The spirits get orders from the creator of the world(it does not matter whatever name you call them). I am all anointed by the ancestral spirits of Tengo clan of Teso and I always try to give in the best of myself. My main aim is not to enrich myself with wealth or money. I am here to please my ancestors by spreading their powers worldwide in doing things that people think are impossible.

I do help people to find what they are searching for; could it be rain, love, money, future, curses or demons? What could it be? Maybe you need counseling or need answers to your questions. I have practiced this since I was 16 years in 1990 when I succeeded my father(his current age 124). He had become very weak and old that he could no longer lead Tengo clan as a clan spiritual or traditional leader.

Who am I

Folks know me as Okello. Okello means a spiritual or traditional leader of the clan in Teso culture Malaba. Teso is a tribe found in both Uganda and Kenya, Africa. My real names are “Ochakolongh Toto” meaning Young Ocha that was given to me by my Father “Ocha”. I succeeded my father as a traditional leader of Tengo clan in 1990 when I was 16 years old. In Teso culture, a traditional leader is not affiliated with any politics but is in charge of the ancestral spirits, norms and rituals of the clan. No person is in charge of choosing who should be the spiritual leader, but the ancestral spirits take that responsibility.

In 1990, my father (at 94 years then) became so weak that he could no longer move or practice rituals as supposed to in Teso culture. He and the natives decided to make rituals looking for someone to succeed and take charge of the clan. The spirits followed and got me from school “Teso College” to home. By then I was in senior four. I was welcomed, rituals were practiced on me and became the Okello of the Tengo clan. In 1994, I was then chosen as the leader of all the Okellos (Leader of all spiritual leaders in Teso Malaba). This was due to the reason of my being the only educated Okello by then as to my level of Senior four.

Leader of all rituals

Since then, I have led all the rituals that are performed in the Tengo (my clan) and the whole of Teso region. I have solved issues of rain, hunger, love, marriage, money, diseases, and other spiritual problems. This made people from different areas of Africa know me and so seek my services. I came to decide to hire someone to create a personal website. That this could make easy accessibility to everyone no matter his or her whereabouts.

In addition to that, people from abroad regions such as America, Europe, Asia, USA, Singapore, Australia, UK, Russia, Israel and among others have also known me and seek for my services by coming physically at my place in Teso and some have been healed online or over the internet. My method is simple, something called a spell or a word or a summon from me, reaches you wherever you are. I am so much helped by the spiritual powers of all ancestral spirits of Teso and I practice all rituals as required by the spirits of Teso and Tengo clan.

My services have no side effects nor backfire because every ritual, we sacrifice to them by slaughtering a goat or any domestic animal to satisfy the ancestors. The situation you request becomes permanent unless you need control over it.

Okello“the Teso traditional Healer” Home of Spells, Witchcraft and all kinds of Magic

As Okello, I believe in the spirit(my tribe: Bengo, Eng: Overall) who ordered the existence of the universe and everything we see or hear of. I believe in the ancestral spirits that have powers to be unseen and perform anything in favor of their requestor.

There are allegations in Uganda that Teso is a primitive place full of witches and curses. I don’t deny that because all of the Itesots’ traditional leaders practice real witchcraft. And our ancestral spirits make sure that our witches fulfill our desires. The natives of the Teso region believe in us as their leaders, they also involve in rituals we practice seasonally. They respect and belief in the unseen ancestral spirits, and so our words are put into reality of what we wish.

In that case, we have helped people who have sought our services. They include famous people, celebrities, politicians, sportsmen, business people from all over the world. Our vision is simple “To explore and make the world aware that Teso is a place with the best witchcraft. We are the only people that the creator of man listens to”.

I Okello, I turn dry seasons to wet seasons or otherwise, I stop or make rain, I summon gardens to yield good crops or harvests. Do make the hated ones to be loved. I unite enemies, do make people win competitions or wars, and among others. In the presence of the ancestral powers, my words always produce intended results. However, all whatever I have written or will write about here in this website is not personal but to the Tengo clan and Teso region at large.

Services are all by rituals; I do not charge people who need these services money, although I make them give or make an offer. You should witness the powers of my traditions. I am free.

Okello Services and rituals

Spells In the USA, Canada, UK, Singapore, England, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, New Zealand, Philippine, Netherlands, north island, America, Dubai, wales, Finland, Ukraine, Africa, Australia, United States, United KingdomAs written before, my services are based on my cultural norms and rituals; the Tengo clan, Teso tribe thus African. In our rituals, we use words, summons, or spells on witchcraft. All my witchcraft are white magick, and white magic can also be called black magic. It’s just that whites call it white magic or Wiccan as to UK natives. Their meanings depend on your perception or the way you take them. Although the truth is white magic or Wiccan is not any more different from witchcraft or black magic. So through witchcraft and rituals, I summon or call the spiritual powers, the ancestors, the grands and great-grands of grands and this process is called casting spells. In the process of casting the spells, the powers exerted by the spirits, ancestors, and great grands are given direction on what, where and how to go about the intended ritual. I believe in them spiritually and they too listen in me. We work together. They are part of me and I am part of them. So nothing fails, however below are the services I Okello(the healer and leader of all Teso traditional healers) provides;

Love spells

These are the most requested services since I began this work. It is because love and spells tend to be inseparable. It is as if without spells no love life can flow as we wish. So here, I help; unhappy couples to gain their happiness again, broken hearts to get healed, unloved ones get partners, put roots on someone to make them love back, stop divorce, commit to marriage, get a true lover (although there is no perfect partner but true love), breakup relationship that does not make you happy(there are rules for this), stop cheating spells, solve manhood or womanhood problems, pregnancy solutions and among others. Here is more about love spells


My powers provide protection against negative energies. This can be business, love, career, or personal life. Do you suspect that you have been cursed or that you are a victim of black magic? Are you being followed by bad luck and misfortune over and over again? Contact me immediately

Gambling prediction or betting

In the real sense, a gambler is a person who tries out different things that he or she has little knowledge about. So a gambler has nothing specific that he does but just loiters looking for an opportunity to attain what he wants. In this case, a gambler is not a businessperson nor an entrepreneur but a survivor or someone who lives life by looking for different opportunities to save a life.

Gamblers have higher chances of failing 89% than winning which is 11%. If you understand those above statements, then you will understand the way how my powers work to turn an 11% into 100% sure win. Gambling constitutes many activities, such as betting, lottery numbers, pokers, jokers, forex traders, lotto and among others. Gambling involves prediction either rightly or wrongly.

So the powers or spells to guess rightly, or predict the right outcome work with your chances, not your luck! And please mark my statements! Luck is not for gamblers but the chance is for gamblers and please try to understand those statements. So never, relate Luck in gambling, it will not work for you! Luck is something you were born with never can it be added to you nor be reduced. Everyone has his or her own luck but never does luck gamble. Note it again, Luck does not gamble!

The rituals that are practiced to make you win gambling, lotto, or betting work by increasing your chances of winning by making you get imbued and predict or select or wager on the right option. I can explain to you further when you contact me. However, these rituals can make your chances of winning true.

Community services (rain, hunger)

African witchcraft that workThis involves initiating rain and solving hunger problems in the community such as villages, or clans, or tribe regions. With such a service, I call all the clan leaders in Teso tribe, we practice the Teso rituals while moving (walking and running) through our villages, we move with our natives, while drumming (long drums). We slaughter a cow or goats or hens/cocks. Then we summon the spirits and request them to accept our offer. And direct them to the places that need help. After all the rituals are done, we expect rain in 3 to 4days and truthfully it happens. People are expected to begin planting their crops immediately after the rituals.

Money, Business and prosperity

Have you ever felt like something happens for a reason? Like there are some people that are luckier or they seem to get all that they want and have more chances than others? These happenings are not coincidences. These “lucky” people do things differently than others. Their “luck” is the result of them utilizing any chance of their opportunity, they focus on what they want (they don’t waste time).

I can help you to achieve your goals, get those breaks, and be one of the ‘lucky’ ones. Remember you have your own luck, it may be blocked, or you may not be using it. Let me help you make your dreams. Want to find a dream job, or improve business


I also help clients in the form of personal consultations. You can contact me and arrange a visit here at the clan Temple. Or we can also talk on WhatsApp/phone together. Your personal consultation may be a need for advice, card reading, and future determination. Remember I cannot do it alone with my human knowledge, we prepare for time of a day that I summon the great-great grands, ancestors of my origin that I get imbued with the spiritual knowledge. All the questions you ask will be answered to you impeccably with good directive advice.

Learning witchcraft (Study Witchcraft)

Learning witchcraft was meant to be a compulsory course for every education system in this world. This is the knowledge everyone is required to at least to have. If you have this knowledge, you can do the healing services on yourself or other people.

This knowledge helps you identify a true spell caster or spirituals healer among all the healers.

Learning witchcraft requires you to be humble and focused on the guidelines of the lessons you are taking. Your belief does not matter, because as you keep on studying you get familiar with witchcraft and have a belief in it.

Witchcraft is an amazing practice if you also have some knowledge. However, I provide such a service to anyone who aspires to have witchcraft knowledge and practice it. I don’t discriminate anyone as long as you full fill the few requirements I may ask from you. It is a very great pleasure to teach people to learn how to help others.

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