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Hello, read this; People have always asked for easy love spells with just words claiming that they cannot be able to get the ingredients or materials for love spells. Yes, love spells with just words are real, and they work, although on certain conditions which are not hard to full fill. You just need to set your focus and follow the right procedures as advised by witches or wizards. This spell is not cast by sorcerers only. Anyone can cast these spells, and attain positive results. In this article, I have provided you with spells you can cast just by the use of words. Many people have used them and some got their true results while others say they did not.

But if you read this article and feel there is something you can’t understand, feel free to ask me, I will be able to explain to you at no cost.

Word spells

To cast spells with just words, you have to be with complete trust and faith. You should also seek patience until the spells work. In most cases, the spells with just words might take like 1 to 5 days if you really followed the true procedures. You should make sure that you perform the simple word spells impeccably or without mistake. And it is possible.

The things that spoil word spells are thoughts or a mind. Therefore, it is better to set your intentions for hours or days before casting the spells. Trust me, love spells with just words work. If you know how curses work, then I believe that you also believe that words can also work for even a love spell.

Love spells with just words to find or attract true love

Simply get a white candle, cloth or something you love.

It is crucial that you cast this spells early morning immediately after you wake up. Meaning that you will still be in your consciousness that your mind will be highly receptive. Hold the item you love in your hands next to the candle. Light the candle and close your eyes.

Say out This “May I find my true love and may he or she find me”

Speak everything in your mind for him or her. Be natural and speak with calmness. You are advised to perform this ritual every morning until you receive the results most probably up to five days. Your true love will certainly find you.

Love spells that work in minutes cast using local language words

Recite these words “___(name of your lover) inja ndi hu hwenda, angha wumbonera inja, emiyaya josi essee ni neewe”.

This is a love spell with just words that works in minutes and it is in my local language. You do not need any ingredient to cast this spell. Only have to recite the above incantation thirty-three times in a day. You will notice great changes in your crush’s attention and interest in you.

Love Reconciliation with just a word spell

Don’t continue to worry if the person you love has abandoned you. These free word spells will help pave a way for you to reconcile with your ex-lover, fix a broken marriage or love affairs, get a new lover or recover your partner’s attention.

You can cast the above spells as stated but focus on your intention. Believe it, your wish will be realized.

Love spells with just words

Use the love spells with just words that work immediately to start a new relationship, solve your love problems, fix your marriage, attract your crush and others.

As spells with ingredients can be customized to do whatever you wish, the love spells with just words can also be cast based on your intentions. Don’t limit yourself to any one thing, the love spells with just words work on every intention you may have.

If you feel you can’t cast the spells alone, then look for an experienced spell caster to help you. But tell the caster that you don’t need to have ingredients, assure them that you need a simple love spell with just words. However, it works and many have used it.

Other more words you can use

Simple Love Spell Chant

“Lord of lords, from the Ecstasy of Your Love.

Let those who I love love me in return,

Let love enter my heart and my home.

I am Light, I am Love. So mote it be”

Love Spell without Ingredients

“Sacred water flow from me

To draw him ever near.

As endless rivers run to the sea

His path to me is clear, Let him or her love me”


  1. Mr barry

    I feel so complete and happy again. Since I get back the love of my life. My wife and I break up for over three years. And she take my kids along with her. Because of the love I have for her and my kids. I never give up in the hope of getting her back with my kids. After all my effort to get her back nothing happens. Then I ask God to and God answered me with the help of a spell caster. I see his post on this website and I decided to contact him and I explain my condition to him. He ask me not to worry that everything is going to be okay. He told me to give him three days that my wife we call and ask me for forgiveness. And to god be the glory my wife truly call me. Now we are living happily with much love and understanding. Thank you Omutusa, I really believe Your Bunyole tribe witchcraft is the best tool to solve human problems

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