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Naming of babies both girls and boys in Africa is an important ritual practiced by the family in most of the African remote villages. For urban areas, they have adopted a western way or whites naming although they still use our original African names as surnames. Each African name has a special spiritual meaning and I have described briefly some of the common names in alphabetical order as below;

African baby names: “A”

Aadila: Tanzanian girl name Meaning ‘just, honest, upright’.

Aailyah: Tanzania, Kenya Ugandan name meaning ‘of the highest or exalted’

ABASI: The name Abasi means ‘stern’ as to Tanzania

ABBA :  Ghanaian African Baby name for females born on Thursday.

ABEBECH:  Ethiopian female name meaning “flower.”

ABEBI :  Yoruba of Nigeria female name meaning “we asked and got her” or “we asked for her and she came to us.”

ABENA : Ghana name for females born on Tuesday.

ABRIHET :  Ethiopia female name meaning “she has made it light, she emanates light.”

ABA :  Female Gambian Name.

ABDUL: An Arabic name, meaning ‘servant of Allah’, It is the most common name for males in Tanzania.

Achen: An ultra-feminine name meaning ‘a twin’. Common with Lou in Uganda, South-Sudan, Kenya, etc.

ACHAN :  South Sudan, Ugandan and Kenyan name for a female child in the first pair of twins.

ADA :  Nigeria African Baby Names for firstborn females.

ADAMA :  Ibo of Nigeria female name meaning “beautiful child” or “queenly”.

ADANECH :  Ethiopia female name meaning “she has rescued them”.

ADANNA :  Nigeria female name meaning “father’s daughter”.

Adimu: Tanzanian name, meaning ‘unique’.

ADEOLA :  Yoruba of Nigeria female name meaning “crown of honor.”

ADETOUN :  Yoruba of Nigeria female name meaning “princess.”

ADHIAMBO :  Luo of Kenya name for females born after sunset.

ADINA :  Ethiopian name for females meaning “she has saved”.

Adil: Swahili name Meaning ‘just, righteous as to Tanzania and Kenya.

Adroa: Ugandan baby boy name meaning ‘God’s will’.

ADJOA , ADWOA : Ghana names for females born on Monday; peace.

ADDO : Gambian name noble.

Adla:Tanzanian name with bold meaning of ‘justice’.

AFAFA : Ghana female name for the firstborn child of a second husband. Also Tanzanian means ‘virtuous’.

AFIA :  Ghana name for females born on Friday.

AFRA :  “peaceful ruler” used by ancient Romans and Greeks for females of African origin.

AFUA :  African Baby Names born on Friday.

AFYA :  Swahili female name. Afya Bora means “good health.”

AGBENYAGA :  Ghana name meaning “life is precious.”  (Could be shortened to NYAGA .)

AINA :  Yoruba of Nigeria female name meaning “difficult birth,” such as a child born with umbilical cord around neck.

AKILAH :  intelligent one who reasons.

AKIM :  According to an Ibibio of Nigeria folktale, Akim was a gorgeous, fat, young woman made of oil who melted in the sun while doing farm labor.

Akiki: This name suites all African cultures meaning ‘friend’

AKOSUA :  Ghana name for females born on Sunday.

AKPENAMAWU :  Ghana name meaning “thanks to God.”  Short form “AKPENA”.

Akida: Tanzanian baby boy name, meaning ‘chief, officer’.

AKUA :  Ghana name for females born on Wednesday.

ALAMOUTA: Gambian name which means ‘to worship’.

ALITASH : Gambian name to rely on God, this word is sometimes used as name for people

ALITASH :  Amharic of Ethiopia female name meaning “may I not lose you, may I find you always my precious.”  May be shortened to Tash.

AMA :  Ghana name for females born on Saturday.  Also a West African name meaning “happy.”

AMACHI :  Nigeria name meaning “who knows what God has brought us through this child.”

AMANISHAKHETE :  The name of one of the Queen Mothers, of the Nubian kingdom of Kush (now northern Sudan).  This name could be shortened to AMANI, itself a Kiswahili word meaning “peace.”

AMARA :  In the legends of Abyssinia (now Ethiopia) Amara is the name for paradise.  Also, “amara” is a Kiswahili word meaning “urgent business.”

AMBER :  Muslim female name meaning “amber, brownish-yellow,” or “jewel.”

AMINI: This a Ugandan and South-Sudan name for the Nubians

AMINA :  Somali and Muslim female name meaning “trustful, honest” and referring to Muhammed’s mother.  This name is popular with the Hausa of West Africa.

AMINATA :  A popular female name among the Wolof of Senegal.

AMINIA :  A Kiswahili word meaning “to believe in.”

AMIDAH: Tanzanian baby girl name meaning ‘gracious’

AMBOKILE: This Tanzanian name signifies ‘God has saved me or God has redeemed me’.

ANAYA :  Nigeria name meaning “look up to God.”

ANDROMEDA :  “Ruler of men.”  According to Greek mythology, Andromeda married Perseus, who had saved her from Medusa, a monster of the sea.

ANDWELE: Baby name, meaning ‘god brought me’, short form as “Andy” as to Tanzanian

ANNAKIYA :  This means “sweet face” in Hausa language.

ANULIKA :  Nigeria name meaning “happiness is the best.”

ANYANGO :  Kenyan African Baby Names meaning “friend.”

APHRODITE :  The mythological Greek goddess of love and beauty who is sometimes depicted as being of black African origin.  Aphrodite means “born of the foam of the sea.”

ARET :  Nigeria name for female children born on market day, called Edet.

ARMANI :  Derivative of IMANI, meaning “faith.”

ARUSI :  Swahili name for girls born at the time of a wedding

ASABI :  Yoruba of Nigeria name meaning “one of select birth.”

ASHAKI :  West African female name meaning “beautiful.”

ASHIA :  Somali female name referring to the prophet Muhammed’s favorite wife.

ASMINA :  Female name of the Nubian peoples of southern Sudan.

ASSAGGI :  Zimbabwe name meaning “strong.”

ASURA :  Swahili and Hausa name for female children born during the Muslim month of Ashur.

ATSUKPI :  Ewe of Ghana name for a female twin.

AYAN :  Somali girl name meaning “bright.”

AYANA :  Ethiopian female name meaning “beautiful flower.”

AYO :  Yoruba of Nigeria name meaning “joy.”

AZA :  Swahili name meaning “powerful.”

AZINZA :  The word for “mermaid” in the Mina language of Togo.

AZIZA :  Somali name meaning “gorgeous.”

AZMERA :  Male and female name of Ethiopia.  It means “harvest.”


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