Healing and Self-Love Spells First

Before doing any spells to draw someone back, start with spells focused on you. Do spells for self-confidence, self-love, letting go of anger/bitterness, and opening your heart. Taking spiritual cleansing baths, daily meditation, positive affirmations, and self-care will raise your energy. When you feel good about yourself and exude a positive vibe, you naturally become more attractive to others. Spending time alone can also help you gain clarity on what you truly want moving forward.

Simple Candle Spells

Some gentle candle spells can help call someone back without interfering with free will. Carve their name into a pink or red candle. As you light it, visualize them returning to you and say “As this candle burns, (name) will return to me.” Let the candle burn safely each day for 7 days, repeating the spell daily. Use your intuition to sense when the spell has worked its magic. Another candle spell is to put items in a jar representing reconciliation – like honey, sugar, rose petals, and your names on paper. Dress the candle with oil, placing it over the jar and burning during the waxing moon. Chant “Winds of change now rearrange, what was lost now rearranges.”

Sigils and Charms

You can craft an attraction sigil by combining letters of their name into an abstract symbol. As you draw it, focus intently on your desire for their return. Place the sigil under your candle as you do other spells, or carry it in your pocket. Baked goods like sweet breads can also be infused with the magic of reconciliation. Bake the bread while visualizing your connection strengthening. Add fragrant flavors like cinnamon, vanilla, or orange. Eat a piece daily till it’s gone, remembering the sweet bond.

Raising Your Vibration

Spells work best when you raise your energetic vibration. Make a playlist of uplifting songs about reconciliation and love. Sing and dance with joy to it often. Feel your confidence grow as you cultivate positive energy through music. You can also create a reunion vision board or box. Cut out happy photos of you two together and add items representing your relationship. View it daily as a focus for manifesting.

Overall, the approach spells from a place of love, not attachment.

Let go of expectations, and trust that reconciliation will occur if it’s meant to be. Focus on self-love and inner peace, and your increased positive energy can attract whoever is right for you when the time is right. With faith and patience, your spells may just help open the path back to your loved one.

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