Freezer Love Spell to cast

Freezer Love Spell to cast

Do you know what to freeze love is? Freezer spells and binding spells are used to stop someone from doing something. They are quite different from a love spell. Love spells are tricky, and they are famous for making someone fall for you. Are you thinking of using, or have used, a freezer spell to attempt to make someone fall in love with you and then tie them to you? Freezer spells work basing on what your wishes are.

They make sure that your wishes are meant by maintaining the best life you are living

No offense and this is the best thing you can do to cement your relationship, with your lover loving you. So if you wish to use these powerful spells, reach me out on my live chat, WhatsApp, or Email, or fill in the contact form. Consulting is completely free, so don’t hesitate to ask me what you want to know.

I asked this question to one person who was from Belize, Have you ever cast a freezer spell on someone? What happened?

And here is what he replied “An old witch told me when I was a young child that if you wrote someone’s name on the bottoms of your feet for a day, they’d get what was coming to them.

I was a young 20something and had owned a business with an equal partner for 3 years. She was my best friend. I found out later she was stealing a lot of money from our business to pay for outings with some fellow she met on an online dating site (although she was married)

I was so angry for her taking the money that we’d both worked so hard for that I remembered this spell. I wrote her name on the bottom of each of my feet for a whole day. Went to work, did my usual routine and actually forgot I’d done it by lunchtime.

I found out through a social media site the next day that her husband found out everything she’d done, and left her. I wasn’t happy about it, but in some strange way I felt vindicated. I’m not sure how it all truly transpired, but I do know what I did the day before.”

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