6 thoughts on “Egg Reading”

  1. Jamie

    Please email me would love to work with you.

  2. Lorene

    Need to send a picture of my egg

  3. Amina Mohammed

    Pls u say 2 eggs what do we do with other egg pls. Thank u

    1. Mutuusa

      At least 1 meaning more than one egg. That is; you can repeat the process and see if you are getting the same results. And if the results are the same do the process the following day.

  4. Caroline

    Thanks for egg cleaning. My daughter Lindiwe has a scist outside womb next to a fibroid outside. I have made two days cleansing. I will continue I till she get operated. I trust this will make her operation to be successful

  5. nar

    i did the egg cleansing today and came across some some images of the animals in the cloud formation, i saw picture of a human being, bird , baby like doll lying.
    want to know how can we work on this.


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